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Who is Rudolph Giuliani other than mein Fuhrer’s I mean our legally elected President’s bitch boy?  A mini-me to the runt of the Bush klan, if you will…he is the guy who was on TV a bunch around 9/11, and he wasn’t wearing a turban, so we must love him, right?  Giuliani = another four years of the Bush Administration…

There are many ways for the government to ruin you if you don’t toe the party line.  Big Brother is watching you, and he has long arms…

This is very interesting, and a very delicate subject.

The cost of bottled water…Fiji bottled water at least…

It’s a bike, it’s a car…its sorta bad ass!  Those Dutch…I wonder what the crash safety is…would be great around town…

How much money should you leave for the burglar to find?

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  • Garrett says so:
    February 8th, 2007 |

    I tried writing more about the delicate subject, but nothing I wrote was delicate enough for me to want to sign off on, so I left it alone. It gets complicated very fast…a simple no before you go anywhere is very clear…a no after you get down to business is pretty wierd, a no if she finishes up first…a no if he finishes up first (and tries to go to sleep)…a no a day or two later after you realize you were drunk and wouldn’t have done that sober…meh…

    Rudy and Hillary are money making machines…the whole election process is about raising money…who can air what ads when…who can smear their opponent with lies and half-truths the best…INSTEAD of simply being about who the best person is to lead the country…for fuck’s sake, GEORGE BUSH GOT ‘ELECTED’ TWICE!

    You’d be right to bet on that combo…here’s to hoping for change, for progressive reform, for improvement instead of more of the same…more of the same…Hillary might be better than Rudy…but she is still 100% career politician…I want a representative in my government, not a politician…

  • ozz96 says so:
    February 7th, 2007 |

    The bike/car is interesting. We’ll never see them here though. I’ll bet those things would be good for racing, with how much they can lean and such.

    No means no, no matter where/when it’s said. I wonder, if the woman doesn’t say no, but instead says shes done, is it the same thing as saying no? This kind of stuff is just crazy. Don’t have sex boys & girls unless you’re ready!

    F bottled water in the A.

    You watch. Rudy vs. Hillary. I’m not saying it’s what I want, but it’s what I’d bet on.

  • gwennie says so:
    February 7th, 2007 |

    That is a sensitive subject. I’m all about women’s rights and I think if a woman says “no” in the middle of a sex act the man must stop. But that poor guy is serving 5 years when he did in fact withdraw “within a matter of seconds”. That sucks. And the fact that people are having legal documents signed before they have sex is nuts. Jesus Christ. What is the world coming to?

    That car-bike rocks! I want one!

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