The future of piracy?

How deeply does the government bother tracking “illegal” web traffic, a modern day Saint Peter?  Who bothers paying money to operate an anonymizing webmail service?  If you can track the comings and goings of bitcoin payments by using this data trail to focus resources, you wouldn’t need to literally scour every last inch of traffic.  Identify the interesting bits, flag for collection.   Unless there is so much processing power available it’s irrelevant and you can scrape every last literal bit…

Corporations craft legislation that is a very strange combination of horribly fucking invasive and very broad.  Showing that they’re basically an extortion arm of the government.  In effect…if given the ability to craft their own weaponry.

Pay for all content, regardless of literally anything.  Doesn’t even matter if you actually own the content.  If you don’t toe the line, the government has the ability to trace through pretty much any attempt at obfuscation.  How long until the NSA and MPAA drop any pretenses and openly join forces?  Like the various armament corporations did with our permanent standing army, and the resulting “Endless War”.


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